Schleich extremely RETIRED series West Wild figurines American Native RARE 4921cdlwr5445-Animals & Nature

Warhammer pro painted wood elf Glade rider oop

What You Get

Training Slate is the simple solution to program design, delivery and progress. We’ve created a turnkey platform to help build your brand, expand your reach and train your clients routinely or anywhere they go.

Star Wars Miniatures Bastila Shan Champions of the Force
Retribution of Scyrah - Imperatus
Warhammer 40k Space Marines Heroes Series 2 Bredher captain Donato Brand new

Assess Your Athletes

Perform basic and advanced athletic movement screenings, gain insight into your athlete’s medical and athletic history, and discover their health and fitness goals.

Warhammer Quest (1995) - 12x Giant Rats - Original Plastic Replacement
CoolMiniOrNot Wrath of Kings Goritsi 28mm Skorza Collection NM

White Label

Brand your training tools with your business’s logo, colors, and background images.

Blood Bowl Death Zone Season 2
Warhammer Chaos Champions of Nurgle NIB

Set Your Price

Set your price and make payments easily with our simple, automated payment options.

GW Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch Loose Tzaangors Collection NM
WarGods of Olympus Titan Master MINT

Train Anywhere

Train with your clients routinely or wherever they travel near and far. Get tools that make delivering programs and seeing client progress easy.

Warhammer 40k Necron Canoptek Wraiths (4)
WARHAMMER 40,000 Model Necron Ghost Arc Doomsday Arc Citadel Plastic
OOP Rare Pewter Sculpt Bloodbowl Skavenblight Scramblers

Give Feedback

Get tools that both trainers and athletes can utilize to make comments, give feedback and improve training in real-time.

6x Menagerie of Terminators Space Marines Warhammer 40k Games Workshop
Warhammer 40k space marine jump librarian
RAFM Hellenistic Mini 25mm Armored War Elephants NM

Customize Programs

Create custom training programs from scratch with the most comprehensive training database out there. Or upload your own personal library to prescribe movements.

Work From Templates

Save exercise prescription templates to modify for quick adjustments and delivery.

Warhammer 40k Inquisition 1 MISSIONARY w PLASMA PISTOL metal (FS 149)
INQUISITOR 54mm SERGEANT STONE metal complete Games Workshop (LBD 15)

Review Programs

Review completed programs and share with other health and fitness professionals.

TASK Force Games Crime Fighter
Lot Historical Loose Mini 20mm Numidian Light Cavalry Collection NM
FanTac Historical Mini Rules Gi'Ac My - Game of Tactical Combat in Vietna SC VG

Track Progress

Track client progress and reference gains in relation to strength, speed, power, biometrics, and attendance to optimize performance.

NEW Warhammer 40K Space Marine Space Wolf Standard Bearer 53-48 2000

Market Your Business

Create a training profile to share pictures, video and training methodologies with potential new clients.

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Schleich extremely RARE RETIRED Native American figurines Wild West series
Heroscape Heroes of Bleakwoode - Kelda, Marcus, Taelord, Tornak & Venoc Warlord

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